A Regenerative Agriculture awareness project

Built on Cardano, an energy-efficient blockchain



Digital Still Art + Music (2 NFTs)

Limited-edition commemorative animated soundtrack along with a randomly generated still image NFT from the documentary, "Hot Sauce, Wildfires, & ADA".

Small Batch Organic Hot Sauce

An exclusive batch of Joey's Selects using local scotch bonnet peppers picked fresh from the farm where Joey's is produced.

Regenerative Practices

A portion of the NFT bundle proceeds support Fire & Salt, a regenerative land and beef company.

A Sustainable Experience

You now have two digital assets that tie your hot sauce experience back to enriching the soil.

NFT: Hot Sauce, Wilfires, and Cardano

Limited Available

Each NFT Bundle Includes:

  • Commemorative animated soundtrack NFT
  • Randomly generative still image NFT from the documentary
  • Choice of a single hot sauce bottle or 4-pack
  • Portion of proceeds donated to Fire & Salt

How it works

1: Get ADA + a Cardano Wallet

If you're new to cryptocurrency and NFTs, you'll first need to purchase Cardano (ADA) currency on an exchange like Coinbase. Then, move your ADA to a digital wallet like CCVault.

2: Select hot sauce

Click here to shop the collection. Choose from four varities of Joey's Hot Sauce, or you can choose the box set.

3: Shipping

Provide us with your mailing address so we know where to ship your sauce.

4: Purchase using ADA

During checkout, copy the provided address into your wallet, and send the specified ADA.

5: Receive NFTs

Collect your NFTs to support Fire & Salt regenerative practices.

The Sauce

This limited batch of Joey's Select Hot Sauce is uniquely made with a local harvest of Scotch Bonnet peppers. Each bottle features a special image of Joey wearing his own Scotch Bonnet. Not available anywhere else.

Priscilla the Creeper

Priscilla the Creeper is the foundation of all Joey's Hot Sauces. When Lisa and I tried this sauce for the first time, the heat crept up on us! In a British voice I heard myself say the name "Priscilla the Creeper." Everyone kept saying that name. Our mentor's son, Atlas, loved it! Lisa's dad loved it. The world was falling in love with Priscilla. Invite her to all your meals - she'll creep up on you in the best way.

Lisa the Truffle Queen

Most truffle products have ZERO real truffles in them. They use a chemical called 2,4-dithiapentane, which gives a truffle flavor. WTH!? We put 10 grams of REAL, wild truffles in every bottle of this luxury sauce! When Lisa tried it, she said she wanted no other hot sauce on earth. And Jaime (who was helping me make batches) said, "Why don't you call it Lisa the Truffle Queen?" And we never looked back.


50/50 - what does that mean?! Well, Joey's comes in three levels of heat and 50/50 is right in the middle! It's 50% Hella Raiser (the hottest sauce we make) & 50% Priscilla the Creeper (a solid Medium heat). This is for someone who likes to kick it up a notch but still keep their head on their shoulders.

Hella Raiser

Hella Raiser is for the heat seeking missiles of hot sauce lovers. My buddy Alex Prince was my barometer of how hot I needed to make this sauce. I couldn't make it hot enough for him! So, I sourced this amazing ghost-pepper powder to increase heat without compromising flavor. Add to blow your face off :)



Regenerative grazing re-establishes the balancing act where grazers, plants, microbes, and fungi form a complete cycle, building carbon-rich soil. All NFT proceeds donate a portion to this cause.

Builds Healthy Soil

Captures and Stores Carbon in the Soil

Cows Raised to Mimic Environment

Flavorful and Nutrient-Dense Beef


Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get this SPECIAL EDITION sauce anywhere else?

No! Outside of this NFT sale, the only other way to get a bottle of this ultra-rare-batch Joey's Selects Hot Sauce (the first Joey's batch to feature Scotch Bonnet peppers) is by finding Joey in person at the farmer's market.

So I get an NFT and a real-life bottle of hot sauce?

Actually, you get TWO NFTs: one is animated and one is a still image. And, when you purchase Joey's Hot Sauce NFTs, you also get real, small-batch, all-organic hot sauce.

How does it work?

When you start the BUY process, you get to choose from four varities of Joey's Hot Sauce, or you can choose box set with all four sauces. Next, you provide a mailing address. Then, we'll provide a payment address.

Where can you ship the sauce?

For now, we can ship Joey's Hot Sauce to addresses in the United States. If you live outside of the United States, please contact us.

How do you handle personal information?

We collect shipping information so that we can send hot sauce to customers. Addresses are collected on a secure private server, and shared with Joey's team via a secure private channel for shipping. After the sauce is shipped, we purge our records.

Why did you build an NFT?

We believe that NFTs offer a new way for small business to engage with the customers and for new collaborations to take root. This project is our proof of concept.

Who is Joey?

Joey is the maker of small-batch organic hot sauce. You can learn more about Joey in the documentary "Hot Sauce, Wildfires, and ADA", and you can follow Joey's Hot Sauce on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

What is Fire & Salt Regenerative Beef Company?

Fire & Salt Regenerative Beef Company uses the principles developed and established by Nature herself, by guiding the land back towards its primacy in an ecosystem devoid of the massive herds that once washed across the landscape — the massive herds whose hooves and mouths created a savanna paradise lasting two million years. The American Mastodon is gone, but beef cattle remain. Direwolves and saber-toothed cats are now extinct, but we have electric fences and man to perform their role.

Regenerative grazing reestablishes the ancient balancing act where grazers, plants, microbes and fungi form a complete cycle, building carbon rich soil. Without a doubt regenerative grazing is the ONLY scalable solution to regenerating the natural world and feeding civilization.

Additional Questions?

To get in touch with Joey, visit the Joey's Hot Sauce contact page. To learn more about this project, join Gimbalabs on Discord or contact us